Predictive Pipeline
Sales Forecasting is one of the most vital activities for any sales team, but many teams still forecast through spreadsheets, emails, or even on paper. Predictive Pipeline was launched in 2017 to provide a tool deeply integrated with a Sales Team's CRM, providing data and visualizations to make forecasts easier and more accurate.
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My Role
During my first year at, I was the Lead Product Designer for Predictive Pipeline. I worked closely with a team of 10-15 engineers, taking the product from its initial launch to injecting dozens of new features over the course of the year.
I transitioned to Director of Product Design during my second year, where I oversaw the work of two designers on the project. During this time, I managed the team as they rebuilt the interface and applied a new design system to the product.
Understand Your Pipeline
Predictive Pipeline gives sales leaders the confidence they need to understand their pipeline, decide which deals to focus on, and forecast their future sales accurately.
With the support of artificial intelligence and input from sales reps and manager, Predictive Pipeline makes recommendations on how to forecast and where to put the most effort to maximize sales and revenue.
Inside Sales Reps / Account Executives
Account Executives (also called Inside Sales Reps) spend their time closing deals for their sales organizations. As the boots on the ground, they have the clearest understanding of how an opportunity is progressing. Their inside knowledge is crucial for determining which opportunities will close and when.
Sales Leadership
Sales Leadership depend on their sales organizations to provide clear and accurate information about opportunities in their pipeline. With this knowledge, they can confidently create forecasts to inform the rest of the organization about what the future holds in terms of revenue.
User Flow Map
For each forecasting period, an account executive is responsible for reporting back to the organization the status of ongoing opportunities in the pipeline. On a regular basis, they meet with their managers to discuss opportunities and determine where each one stands. Managers report up to leaders and leaders then take the information to build a company-wide forecast.
Leaders also look into their pipeline to determine where the gaps and risks can be found. They depend on accurate data and rely heavily on sales operations to build easy-to-consume reports that provide insight.
Predictive Pipeline helps facilitate a clean forecasting process with an organization by providing a friendly interface that distills information down into comprehensible views. Leaders can also look into individual opportunities and find artificial intelligence analysis that indicates the likelihood of closing in the timeframe.
The Experience
The first place a user visits when signing into Predictive Pipeline is the Dashboard. This screen offers a quick view into a user's pipeline, including information from direct reports for managers and sales leaders.
Quota Attainment
A gauge provides a visual representation of their quota attainment. This chart compares how much they've won along with how much they've forecasted to win during a period. This information is compared against their quota, highlighting the amount of gap they have between their committed forecast and their quota.
Recommended Actions
Predictive Pipeline analyzes a customer's data and compares it against historical data as well as data form dozens of other companies. Through this analysis, it makes recommendations on which opportunities may be at risk, or where a customer should look to fill their gap.
The Forecast tab helps users create a comprehensive and simplified forecast. Loaded with data form every opportunity that has a close date within the specified period, the Forecast tab allows users to change forecasts on individual opportunities and see how their submitted forecast will be affected.
History & Activity
Predictive Pipeline maintains a clean record of changes to each individual opportunity. Navigating into an individual opportunity, a sales rep or leader can see what judgements have been made and view those judgements against the recommendations of others in the reporting chain.
Individual Performance
Diving deeper into the data, a sales leader can see a data analysis of each team or individual within their organization. This allows leaders and managers to understand which parts of their organization are contributing to sales and which parts are in need of coaching or adjustments.
Forecast Accuracy
A key factor in determining the quality of a sales rep is in their ability to forecast their own opportunities and pipeline. This chart visualizes how a user's first and last forecasts over previous periods compared to their actual performance in that period.